Dinosaur DayDinosaur Day 2023 is an exciting and educational event being introduced by DK Books. The 30th of June will be their very first dinosaur event and schools are invited to join the fun! It looks as though it will be a day filled with fun activities and interesting facts about these incredible creatures that roamed the Earth millions of years ago.

Dinosaur Day is a great opportunity for primary school students to learn about different types of dinosaurs and their characteristics. You can participate in a dinosaur-themed scavenger hunt, where you search for dinosaur bones and fossils hidden around the school. You can also create your own dinosaur masks or even have a dinosaur fashion show!

“DK is the world’s largest publisher of dinosaur books and these books have helped to expand the understanding of these mysterious and magnificent creatures for the best part of our almost 50 year history. With dino books for all ages on offer, on 30th June and the weekend after, we’ll be encouraging the nation to celebrate dinosaurs through reading: working with schools and booksellers for a full weekend of dino fact-tastic entertainment.” https://learning.dk.com/uk/dinosaur-day

There are freely downloadable resources, I guess these will work best alongside their range of dinosaur books, there is a school guide for the event on the Dinosaur pack including lesson plans and a competition to enter.

“Enter our schools giveaway here where you could win 50 dino-mite dinosaur books for your school library. Find the Terms and Conditions here.”

Dinosaur Day 2023 is a chance to spark children’s imagination and curiosity about these prehistoric creatures. It’s a day filled with adventure, learning, and lots of  fun!

Dinosaur Day