School Signage  – this is a comparison of two potentially useful resources from BETT this year.  Our recommendation varies depending on the need.

If the system is being used for pupils, staff, parents, contractors, and other visitors frequently – or if the school is large – InVentry offers a very comprehensive service that may be worth paying more for.

However, if the system is only being used for temporary visitors, or the school is small, SIA is a cheaper alternative that should do everything it is needed for.

School SignageSign In App (SIA) 

Full package: First year £1029, £310pa after first year | Subscription only: £310pa

  • Cheaper than InVentry
  • Simple and uniform default UI
  • Search visitor history
  • App available on computer & phone, easy access to records if a teacher/administrator needs
  • Option for “full package” includes iPad, secure enclosure & label printer. Higher initial price but a same standard yearly subscription
  • If the school already has iPads, a temporary replacement could be procured, any iPad running iOS 9.3 or later
  • Integration with ISAMS API for an additional £220, other MIS is additional £120
  • For ease of users (pupils, parents, contractors etc) an iPad or other non-supplied device should be used, therefore increasing the price
  • Needs to be installed by the school, or 123ICT



~£5000* for initial setup of 1 screen**

  • Send a technician to install it for the school
  • Can be used to directly open doors
  • Has their own proprietary device used specifically for this purpose.
  • Seamless integration with Paxton
  • Integrates with ClassMark and ClubReg for digital registration
  • Has audit and compliance which helps schools keep track of their assets
  • More expensive then SIA
  • Proprietary device means potentially more problems

*Ballpark figure, pricing really varies. Recommend a demo to schools for more precise pricing.
**£5000 includes ~£3500-4000 on hardware (1 screen/reception), £1500 for software & licences (fire evacuation & maintenance etc).

Additional hardware is extra.

Shared Features:

  • The option of instant sticker badge printing, currently both link to a Brother badge printer
  • Both have their own mobile app for notifications
  • Customisable User Interface
  • Visitor pre-registration
  • Visitor photos
  • Connect to the school register; allows late students to sign in which will then update the school register
  • GDPR compliant
  • Fire emergency protocols
  • Contactless sign-in, RFID cards, or QR codes
  • Many more