Ramadan and Eid are very important times for Muslims. Ramadan is a fasting period like lent, except more extreme,  Muslim adults do not eat from sunrise until sunset on any day through Ramadan.  This year the Holy Month of Ramadan is from 23 March until 22 April 2023. The beginning of Ramadan differs each year depending on when the new moon appears over Mecca. After a month of fasting, Ramadan ends when the next new moon is spotted over Mecca with a feast called Eid Al Fitr. This is a very joyous festival called Eid ul-Fitr‘ (the Festival of the Breaking of the Fast).

BBC Bitesize has information about Ramadan that is suitable for KS2 children.

Kidskonnect has a set of worksheets and lots of information about both Ramadan and Eid

The British Council Learn English Kids has an interesting video about Ramadan with a drag-and-drop exercise and quiz, this could be useful in school!

National Geographic Kids, focuses on food! This is quite different from what most British children will be eating in the evening!

Globe Trotting Kids has lots of information shared by children with links for crafts and activities, a really useful starting point for studying the festival with children.

Ramadan is observed through a month of fasting and prayer and is considered one of the Five Pillars of Islam.  There is a lot of information about the Five Pillars of wisdom for teachers and children on the BBC website What is Islaam?

Ramadan and Eid

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay