Creative Commons ImagesCreative Commons images and sounds are widely used in schools but do children understand what it means? There is a site which will really help anyone understand what is freely available for use and how it can be used – as well as what, if any, conditions need to be met.

Openverse is a really useful site that offers Creative Commons-licensed and public-domain pictures and audio files. The site provides a clear explanation of how an image or audio file can be used. It also provides pre-formatted text to use when citing the source of an image or audio file. Watch this video made by Richard Byrne to learn how to use Openverse to find free music for classroom projects.

As you join the site, the first link it gives you is the description of the various Creative Commons licences,  children can search for a sound file or image and check the licence or search by licence.

Creative Commons images

If you are making a Powerpoint presentation and want to add free-to-use images go to insert image and choose the Online Pictures – this opens a Bing search showing all of the images that are free to be used, just search for the appropriate image.

Search for the type of image that you need, then select the picture that you want and choose insert. You will almost certainly have to resize it but the worry about whether or not you can use it has gone. The same facility is present in Word too, that may be even more useful in class.

Creative Commons images