Fairtrade fortnightFairtrade Fortnight (27 February – 12 March) is the annual celebration of the power of Fairtrade.

“Fairtrade works with farmers and workers so they can improve their living standards, invest in their
communities and businesses, and protect our shared environment.

Fairtrade achieves this by rallying a global community of millions – farmers and workers, supply chain partners, brands, retailers, shoppers, schools, government – to pay fair prices and uphold fair production standards and practices.

Fair prices provide an immediate lifeline for farmers and workers struggling with low incomes and disadvantaged by global trade.” https://www.fairtrade.org.uk/what-is-fairtrade/

The climate is badly affecting crops of bananas, coffee, and chocolate; we already know that climate change is responsible for running us short of tomatoes and other salads right now – all of these things will be harder to buy in the future if climate change continues to affect us all. However, buying Fairtrade produce will help farmers all around the world and hopefully alleviate some of the issues.

This year, there are lots of fun activities planned, visit the school’s website to access lots of educational resources ready for Fairtrade Fortnight. There are assemblies, lesson plans, videos, and lots more resources ready to use. There seems to be a lot going on in schools just at the moment but it may be useful to have an assembly just to remind the children about the simple changes that they could make to help society.

Fairtrade fortnight