Managing MoneyManaging money and financial issues need to be taught early for children to be able to understand how to go about managing their own finances, borrowing, saving, etc.,  as they grow up. Santander and Twinkl have developed a set of free resources ready for use in the classroom across the whole primary age range. There are also resources to help in the home!

“Welcome to our wonderful collection of financial education resources, the result of a new collaboration between Santander and Twinkl. Here you’ll find everything you need to make the somewhat daunting task of teaching children how best to manage money a breeze. This includes complete unit and lesson packs tailored to a range of age groups. Each pack is full of engaging activities and clear plans for nailing your learning objectives. You can explore these resources above, or read on to find out more about how Twinkl and Santander can help out in your classroom.”

The Managing Money resources are split into sections:

Resources for 5 – 7-year-olds

Resources for 7 – 9-year-olds

Resources for 9 – 11-year-olds 

There are also parent and carer guides that could be sent home, for KS, lower KS2, and upper KS2.

The sections contain lesson plans, presentations, activities, videos if they are needed; basically everything needed for the sets of 6 lessons in that section.

Managing Money