Amazon Robot ChallengeThe Amazon Robot Challenge is being run by Amazon Future Engineer. “Amazon Future Engineer is a comprehensive childhood-to-career program aimed at inspiring and educating hundreds of thousands of students from underrepresented and underserved communities each year to try computer science and coding.” The challenge is asking children to code an Amazon Hercules robot to deliver a friend’s birthday present on time! It is a three-hour challenge to learn programming basics and is recommended for children 8 and over.

“Computer science and non-computer science teachers can use this challenge to start the school year by grounding student learning in real-life industry. No matter the ages of students, they can begin the year by understanding how what they will learn in class relates to future job opportunities. This can be a great bonus unit for any STEM/CS class or curriculum to help illuminate the “Why?” for your class.”

There are teacher resources and engineer apprentice tutors to guide leaders in the Amazon Robot Challenge. Parents and teachers can sign up, once someone has signed up the teacher and challenge resources are shared with the account holder.

If your school has an Amazon Hercules robot this really does seem like a useful exercise.