The World Cup 2022The World Cup 2022 will be the 22nd World Cup competition. This is the first time it will be hosted in Qatar and it runs from 20 November to 18 December 2022.

The FIFA World Cup usually has 32 teams but in the future, there will be 48 teams.

Normally the World cup is played in early summer, May, June, or July. However this year it will be played in November and December because Qatar is a very hot country. Learn more about where the competition is being held.  Here are simple facts about Qatar with a few lovely photographs showing what the country is like both in the city and the desert. There are photos of buildings and people. Children can investigate and learn more about this part of the world.

Activity Village is making activities and resources available for younger children including activity sheets, printables, worksheets, and more.

TeachIt shares resources including games, reporting, planning an opening ceremony, jokes, and all sorts for the World Cup 2022. All of these resources are suitable for KS 1 and 2. “Whether you’re looking for writing tasks, games for Tutor time, map work or data-handling activities, there’s something championship-related here for you. Let’s go football crazy!” The pdf versions of the resources are free but to get editable Word versions you need to subscribe.

Aerial view of Al Qassar in Qatar

123ICT Ltd recognises that groups/individuals have concerns about various ideologies and practices in Qatar; schools may wish to address these with children and young people.