Road safety week Road Safety Week 2022 is from 14 – 20 November; it is the perfect opportunity to help children understand the dangers of roads and transport.  More children die from road crashes than anything else, with more than 6 children seriously injured or killed daily on UK roads.

Schools can sign up and “Get help teaching road safety. Our guide for educators will help you teach important road safety messages to children age 2-18 and meet curriculum goals”  Teaching resources include lesson plans, assemblies, activities, colouring sheets, and more.

The theme this year is Safe Roads For All with the key aspects being to THINK, UNDERSTAND and REMEMBER!

Road safety week

“Road Safety Week is Brake’s biggest road safety campaign. Every year, thousands of schools, organisations, and communities get involved to share important road safety messages, to remember people affected by road death and injury, and to raise funds to help Brake care for more road victims and campaign for safe roads for everyone. Sign up here to take part.”

Keeping safe on the roads is a message that never goes out of date, it doesn’t matter how often it is covered –  children need these regular reminders. Even one simple assembly will bring it into the forefront of their minds for a short while!