Recycling Week Recycling Week is this week, 19 – 25 September so time is very short to take part in the 52 Lives Schools of Kindness Challenge, but, the resources shared may be useful at any time.  Children could easily do the challenges at home or school and enter the competition before 30th September.

“We’re inviting children to take part in our Recycling Week Challenge. Why? Because being kind to people creates a better world, but being kind to the planet gives us a world to live on!

Our beautiful planet needs us more than ever, and every one of us, every single day, has the power to make a difference. Recycling Week is a time to focus on what we can to reduce and reuse our waste. This year the theme is ‘Get Real’…to encourage people to recycle more, recycle correctly, and to tackle some of the myths around recycling.”

The Challenge:

  • Day 1 is to be a waste detective
  • Day 2 is to become a recycling expert
  • Day 3 is to make a rubbish toy
  • Day 4 is to take action
  • Day 5 is to play!

So, download the challenge sheet and take part in the Recycling Week event!

The Young People’s Trust does a valuable factsheet about recycling and rubbish, there are lots of teacher resources freely available on environmental issues including many fact sheets, lesson plans, home learning packs, and school talks.

“We’ve got hundreds of amazing resources for kids that help to teach children about the importance of looking after our environment and the need to develop and live by sustainable methods.”

Recycling Week Challenge