Charles 111King Charles III is now the head of state for the UK following the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II.

“The Queen is dead, Long live the King!” is a sentence that children will have heard over the weekend but may not understand how that can happen or why people are saying that. The British monarchy’s rule is that “a new sovereign succeeds to the throne as soon as his or her predecessor dies.” That means Queen Elizabeth II’s eldest son, Prince Charles, became King Charles III as she died.

As the country mourns the passing of Queen Elizabeth, on 8 September 2022, children may start to ask questions in school about what next.

Kiddle has information on Charles III in its Fact for Kids site; there is lots of information about his life, his children, his ascension, and his coronation plan, along with photographs.

Activity Village offers a biography and worksheets with a short Royal Family tree so that children can see where he fits in. There is also a section on the Royal Family on the same site with more worksheets for younger children.

This biographical site shares many photographs of him growing up and another biography.

There is a fact file about Prince William, the oldest of Charles’ children and the next heir to the throne on KidsKonnect.

Charles 111