Talk Like a Pirate DayTalk Like a Pirate Day is Monday 19 September, it was celebrated for the first time in 1995.  This fun celebration encourages people to talk and dress like the sea pirate of the past. It was a very low-key event until 2002 when it received media attention and was suddenly widely talked about. Today, it is celebrated around the world, often as a charity fundraiser.

Resources for junior pirates including a song, some ideas for decorations, costumes, etc., can be found at this site. There are lots of links to other pirate resources and lesson plans on that page.

“Avast me hearties!!! Ahoy! I’ve a task for ye. Inside the treasure chests are ten questions for ye sprogs. Go on the account and use the books or copies to answer the questions smartly, lads and lasses. Once ye’ve become a messdeck lawyer filled with knowledge, ye’ll need to be use’n the “piratey expressions” to explain or act out yer information to the rest of the lubbers in class. Be creative mateys! Don’t hornswaggle! Be talking like pirates as best ye can, arrgh! There
be a treasure of booty to the teams that’s the best. Shiver me timbers!!!!” An example from one lesson!

Homeschool Super Freak shares 29 activities for children for the Talk like a Pirate Day celebration. Design a treasure map, watch a history of pirates, and have an interactive pirate experience, are just some of what that page offers.

Plazoom offers a free Pirate day themed pack for EYFS with storytelling cards, a pirate hat template, and more. “Ahoy – there! Engage young learners using these resources themed around pirates. Pupils can create pirate hats and dress pirate figures using the PDF activity sheets provided.”  Additional suggestions are also included to encourage imaginative play and provide story-telling opportunities. The early learning goals are listed on the site.

KidsKonnect offer 10 fun first-day activities that are definitely worth checking out!