Free Curriculum Packs are offered by KidsKonnect, which are great for teachers who don’t have a subscription. The company is based in the USA so not everything that they offer is appropriate for the UK curriculum. The free, Basic, membership offers: “ Download access to all of our premium worksheet samples and curriculum guides, as well as over 100 worksheets covering history, science, geography, and English language.” (KidsKonnect)

These packs give useful information and ideas, especially for teachers who have not taught the subject before.

Particularly useful is the pack on Ancient Egypt, this offers:

1 Teaching Ancient Egypt

  • Short video explainer
  • What to consider
  • How to deliver
  • Learning outcomes

2 Lesson Plan Template

3 Suggested Worksheets

The learning outcomes that this pack aims at are:

“Along with developing the learners’ geographical skills, respect and love for the environment is a vital target objective. Upon learning how rivers such as the Nile provide life to human settlements and civilizations, taking care of the environment is a perfect effective outcome of the lesson. ★ Learners are expected to further their analytic and inferencing skills of primary and secondary sources. Like other ancient civilizations, the Egyptian religion is intertwined with all aspects of their life. Their belief system is evident in tombs, complexes, pyramids, and reliefs, which many have survived for contemporary studies. ★ Ancient cultures are diverse, yet they share common features. In addition to mixing religion and mythology and mysterious architecture, most ancient complex societies like Egypt encountered challenges that resulted in extraordinary inventions.” (KidsKonnect)

Also useful is the Ancient Egypt Pack,

The Easter Curriculum Pack

The World War II Curriculum Pack

With probably some interesting ideas in the Halloween pack, Electricity, Moon landing, Solar system, and dinosaurs packs!

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