St George’s DaySt George’s Day, the 23rd of April every year, is happening this year during the Easter holiday; however, resources are being shared and are available for download from the 19th to the 26th of April.

The following two activity packs are from Plazoom and are free:

Each St George’s Day KS1 and KS2 pack includes:

An easy-to use PowerPoint featuring comprehension text and questions, perfect for whole-class teaching

Handy PDF versions of the comprehension text and worksheets for more fluent readers to use independently, or in guided groups

Simple questions teachers can ask pupils to check their understanding of what has been read. Download Free KS2 Pack or Download Free KS1 Pack” (Plazoom)

Teaching Ideas has some free banners and resources.

Watch the amazing story of Saint George Today, Saint George according to legend, was a Roman soldier of Greek origin and officer in the Guard of Roman emperor Diocletian, who was sentenced to death for failing to recant his Christian faith. As a Christian martyr, he later became one of the most venerated saints in Christianity, and was especially venerated by the Crusaders. George’s parents were Christians of Greek background.  

For young children, there are resources available from Little Owls.

There is a code-breaking maths activity from Mathsright