Teacher resources for ArtTeacher Resources for Art are being shared by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SF MO MA).

Art is a learning tool. It inspires new ways of looking at history, culture, and current events. Our educational resources work with your existing curriculum and address Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy, including text-based discussion, evidence-based reasoning, and literacy development across content areas.” (SF MO MA)

The resources can be filtered by age, subject, topics, and resource types. It could be invaluable for any teacher who struggles with finding the right questions to ask, when teaching children to look at various artistic features within a work of art. There are also some wonderful art projects. I looked at the discussion questions for Big Crinkly and Land’s End and realised that the questions could be applied to any piece of art that you were looking at.  The Untitled [Bakelite Robot] questions could probably be asked for any of the children’s own models, in fact looking through them is simply very useful.

The Artwork Guides are wonderful, I would certainly have used them both to inspire children to appreciate the art and to learn myself.

Teacher resources for Art also have ideas and guides for children’s own artwork.

Teacher resources for Art