Marks in Time is the Marks and Spencer’s historical archive. The archive, unlike the Sainsbury one (in our previous post) , is not online – it is a physical one inside a building; however, they have started creating educational materials from the resources.

They have released a set of resources for primary schools:

We’re very excited to share our fantastic new, FREE digital resources so that you and your learners can enjoy our award-winning workshops, wherever you are. Introducing...” (M&S)

For Key Stages 1&2

  • Proof of the Pudding – Science, D&T, Enrichment
  • Fabric & Fashion – Science
  • Packaging: Discover & Design – Design & Technology
  • What’s On My Plate? – History

All of the resources are freely available from the website and are complete with teacher notes, PowerPoint slides, and worksheets.


Marks in Time provides a timeline and it is interesting to compare the two – Sainsbury (in our previous post) and M&S –  timelines. Most of the archive images and leaflets are available through a search facility, if there is something very specific that someone is looking for. They have more videos – one about M&S during the war which talks through the history of M&S with some fascinating pictures of clothes, etc. It may be a bit too old for primary school children but short clips could be useful for various projects.