About The Human Body is a website hosted by the Glasgow Science Centre, giving primary aged children from the age of 7 upwards an opportunity to “Explore the amazing world of the human body and the latest developments in health technology.”(Glasgow Science Centre)

There are five sections to explore with lots of activities. A lot of material is for older students but there is plenty there for upper KS2 and it is clearly labelled.

  • Curious About The Human BodyHeadquarters
  • Health Tech
  • Who are you?
  • Body Bits
  • Keeping Healthy

Body Bits has sections on: the Heart and lungs, Muscles and Bones, Amazing bodies and the Digestive System. There is a game called The Human Body with a scheme of work and activity sheets. This is for children aged 8 upwards. The Heart and Lungs section gets children creating a model heart. Track the Ball is all about the brain and senses. Children have to watch the ball and when it changes colour remember which one it is – it starts with 1 ball and works up! There is a section for aged 8 and upward in the Who Are you section called DNA Detectives with four challenges and a teacher guide. Lots of the areas in the Keeping Healthy section are okay for primary School.

The Curious About The Human Body is a fascinating exhibition, it would be great to be able to visit in person; nevertheless, the online display provided is really worth visiting if you are studying the human body.

Curious About The Human Body