Crayola Christmas Craft IdeasCrayola Christmas Craft Ideas include: Water Colour Resist Garlands, a 3D Snowman Christmas card and a Paper Winter Village. Three great ideas, the first for younger children and the second probably for lower juniors, and the last one for upper juniors.

Water Colour Resist Garland

A water colour resist garland is one of the Christmas ideas offered by Crayola they use mittens as the subject but I would like to use something with slightly more of a Christmas theme to decorate the classroom – bells, baubles, snowmen, Santa hats would all make a pretty garland ,or individually they could be also be used as a Christmas tree decoration.

The Snowman Christmas Card

The 3D snowman is simple but effective with his rounded body made with strips of paper.

Paper Winter Village

There’s snow place like home! Cut, fold & create a winter village scene that’s a colorful DIY holiday decoration.” (Crayola) This is such a pretty but delicate decoration. iI could be used as a Christmas card idea if children wrote their greeting on the back of it before creating the 3D effect.

Crayola has a large education community and offers a lot of support for teachers, see their education section: “For decades, Crayola has partnered with educators to bring creativity to the classroom. We’ve learned that creative teaching helps all students make their thinking visible. Crayola provides educational resources for students, educators, and families. Together, we can transform learning and build engagement, collaboration, and creativity.” (Crayola)

Crayola Christmas Craft IdeasApart from the Crayola Christmas Craft Ideas, there are other Christmas crafts, free lesson plans and lots of ideas shared by teachers, projects such as the Visual Literacy Project Plan: Flipped Fairy Tales, and lots more. It is worth having a look through the site.

Conversation, collaboration and creative teaching resources. Crayola’s Creative Learning Platform is a free community full of ideas and resources, and the opportunity to collaborate with educators and parents across the country. Check out the free resources and join the continuing stream of colorful conversations!”  (Crayola)

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