Interactive Christmas GamesInteractive Christmas Games can add lots of fun to the last few days of term, or homework. They are mostly designed to develop mouse control, fine motor skills, and develop strategic problem-solving skills.

Practice your circuits rotating the strings and the bulbs to light up the Christmas Tree – this is a difficult puzzle! Not for younger children.

Help Santa fly through the air and avoid obstacles to collect Christmas presents. Use the mouse to higher the sleigh but press too many times and go straight up into the obstacles. Mouse control is definitely needed for this one.

Christmas Chain is a game where Santa, in the middle, throws coloured baubles onto the chain, controlled by the player.  You have to make as many groups of three – of the same bauble – as you can to get a high score. Don’t let the chain reach the hole in the middle or that is the end and you can’t gain any more points! If you get rid of all the baubles you go on to the next level. Children have to develop a strategy to get rid of all of the baubles. It requires quick thinking and decision-making.

The first (free) Santa Jigsaw is a very good one for younger learners, pieces can’t be lost, mouse control to drag and drop pieces in place is needed.

Gift Rescue: The player has to work out how to help Santa get to his present. Obstacles such as hot lava and snow monsters make it tricky, once again the player has to think through the moves, solve problems to move on a level.  The candy-canes need to be moved to release either Santa, hot lava, cooling water, or the gifts.

Interactive Christmas Games