The Kindness PackThe Kindness Pack, created by The British Red Cross and Aviva, mentioned previously in our blog, has been updated.  The activities are for use in schools ,or at home and are designed to get children to consider how their actions can impact on others, build resilience in themselves and manage stress. The pack provides lessons with lifelong benefits.

… the British Red Cross have released an updated kindness activity pack for you to explore these themes with your class. There are:
Creative kindness-based activities for children aged 5-14

  • Coping strategies and ways that children can be kind to themselves
  • Ideas for tracking emotions in times of change or stress
  • Exercises in understanding other people’s feelings and how they affect us.”(British Red Cross)

The kindness pack is available for free download, or you can order the printed pack in several languages, as well as English.

The pack contains:

  • A kindness calendar: helps children think about the importance of kindness and how small acts of kindness can make a big difference.
  • A blank postcard for children to create a kind message of kindness to someone they know.
  • There are some Creative activities
  • There are some coping strategies to teach your class, such as learning to breath thinking of a lovely colour
  • An emotion tracker to help children track their own feelings
  • There are activities to help Children think about and understand other people’s feelings
  • The final activity encourages children to learn some simple first aid and reflect on how learning new skills can makes them feel.


The Kindness Pack