No Pens WednesdayNo Pens Wednesday is taking place on 24th November 2021. It is an annual day where all language work is spoken with a view to improving oracy right across the educational age range.

I CAN is a website that focuses on oracy, it offers many resources for sale but also offers resources for the No Pens Wednesday event.

I CAN provides resources, advice and guidance for participating schools and settings.
By putting down your pens and shouting out about spoken language, you can:
• Develop pupils’ spoken language skills
• Develop staff’s understanding of spoken language and embed it into your curriculum
• Try out new teaching approaches and engage pupils in exciting pens-free activities
• Identify pupils who need additional support to develop their speech, language and communication skills
Taking part is beneficial for all ages, from early years to college students! Sign up below to take part, download our resources and receive updates when new ones become available.”(I CAN)

Go to the website to sign up and download the resources.

Once you sign up, there is help to plan and promote the day and there is resources for early years and primary ages, with lesson plans for each year group. Also, there is a set of activities “more generic and flexible than full lesson plans and can be incorporated into any session

No Pens Wednesday

TeachIt also offers a set of tips for the day.

A set of tips for speaking and listening activities. Ideal for No Pens Wednesday. Includes ideas for drama, music, languages and computing. The ideas are suitable for KS1 or KS2.

No pens Wednesday