Free Sounds effects for school projectsFree Sounds effects to liven up and enrich school projects are easily found and freely downloadable. Think about writing out your Halloween poem on a PowerPoint slide and adding a few ghostly sounds to make it more interesting!

Go to MixKit free sound effects, choose sound effects and type in “night”, where you get wolves howling, wind through the trees, etc.  Type “creak,” where you get some wonderful creaking floor sounds. In the Human section, there are moans, zombie sounds, and more. Search for “Heartbeat”, and there are plenty of sounds there to scare anyone!

Free Sounds effects for school projects

Take care not to not to click on the green images, they are paid for sounds, but all of the grey ones are free.

Pixabay has a range of free horror sounds that are pretty dreadful too.  Listen to this ghostly laugh: Music from Pixabay  The Creepy Whispering is scary! As with most things on Pixabay they are free to use.


All in all, you can have a lot of fun with free sound effects for school projects and they can bring writing to life, especially when images are added too.

There are other places to get free Halloween sounds from, but most of them require a sign-up, they are still free but we don’t want children signing up for them and It may be a really good plan to download some onto a Google drive and give children access to those rather than have them searching for sounds to use. It would be easy to do the same for Christmas a little later in the year.