English ToolsEnglish tools is a website designed to help teachers in many ways. It looks as though it was initially for teachers who teach English; however, the resources and tools that it has developed offers lots of facilities which may be useful to all teachers.

Our English tools range from simple tools that can alphabetize your sentences or generate word searches to worksheet creators. Most of the tools have lots of options for customization, as well as different fonts and colors. Moreover, all tools are designed to be user-friendly and offer major text input range (i.e. high character limit). Try them out!” (English Tools)

It is the worksheet tools that perhaps looks the most useful, but there are many more!

Create Writing Sheets – This is a great tool for learning or teaching English with loads of different options and different fonts. You can customize the worksheets, change the colors, repeat in lowercase/uppercase, and much more!

Word Search Creator – word searches with a separate answer key can be useful when learning new words for science, any new project, to inspire poems etc., I am sure many teachers could use this.

Number Bingo Sheet Creator – bingo sheets for mental maths, a different way to test tables?

Fill In The Gap –  Great for comprehension exercises, the teacher enters the text and then selects every word that is to be an answer. The answer words appear in a box ready for pupils to choose.

Create Blank Spaces – A different take on fill the gap, create worksheets with spaces for pupils to put in their own answers. You click on a word in a piece of text and then that word is put in brackets with a space before for the student to write their answer. E.g.: “I like to _____ cartoons” (watch).

Word Scramble – This tool creates a word scramble from the words inputted by the teacher.  The answers can be shown or hidden when the worksheet is created.

Jumble Up Sentences – Write out your sentences and the tool will move the words around randomly. You can choose to keep your text in sentence case (capital after a full stop) or entirely lowercase.

Text to Image – This tool will turn your text into an image file. Choose a font, font size, background and foreground colour. Enter your text and you can see it as an image. See top right ‘English Tools’ for an example.

English tools resources may be very useful for learning numbers, ordering simple sentences or filling the gaps in French or Spanish too – so could prove useful for young language learners! There are lots more apps available on the website that are not mentioned here!