Living.Learning.TogetherLiving. Learning. Together: Year 6, Unit 5: Speaking Up For Me is a unit of work developed by the NI Council for the Curriculum Examinations and Assessment Team for the NI Curriculum. It has got lots of ideas in it for getting children to speak up for themselves.

The main theme of this unit is to continue to develop an awareness of the consequences of speech and action (or the lack of speech and action) in our interaction with each other in the classroom, school, our homes and the wider community.” (NI Curriculum)

It is a PDF document that provides teaching strategies for managing conflict – it explores human rights and social responsibility, containing: learning objectives, can do statements and lots of ideas for classroom work. There are a whole set of thinking skills and personal capabilities that should be achieved by the end of KS2.

I particularly like the Learning Activity 1: In our class we… This has good ideas to introduce to a new class, once they have got to know you in September, creating a working contract for the class. Classes that have two years in them could easily start this process now ready for the new intake in September.

The conflict activities include lots of discussions and role play situations learning how to respond, what to say and how things make them feel.  There is so much useful material in this PDF – the stories used are included, the role play cards are included and there are also teacher materials.

Living.Learning.Together : Year 6, Unit 5: Speaking Up For Me is a very useful resource, even if it is not used as a complete project, there are bits that will be useful when conflict arises.