The Compassion Project The Compassion Project  is a programme that uses storytelling, reflection, videos and more to help children develop skills of empathy and understanding. The activities covered in the programme will encourage and enable them to build the qualities needed for healthy relationships.  It will help them develop their social and emotional responses to situations and other children. The resources have been developed for 7 – 11 year olds and they can be integrated into the PHSE curriculum. It has been developed and is being offered freely by EVERFI who offer many free digital resources to teachers in the USA.

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The programme is based around a set of short, animated videos depicting a typical child-like situation. After watching the video the teacher guides a whole class discussion about what they have just watched and focuses on the key concepts covered in the story. Group activities follow, these are designed to help pupils think about what they have learned by practising the new skills in role play situations. The short video below explains more about the project:


EVERFI empowers teachers to bring critical skills education into their classrooms, with digital lessons focused on topics such as:

  • Financial education
  • Compassion
  • STEM exploration
  • Digital wellness

The Compassion Project sounds like a fun classroom project that could help pupils of all ages. Many playground issues may be resolved by reminding children about their role play activities!

The Compassion Project