Flippity InteractivesFlippity Interactives are made on a site that allows teachers to freely make all sorts of little whiteboard classroom games. It is free to create an account but it needs Google Sheets in order to use the provided templates to make your own versions of the games.

The games are shared by links; your students could all play the same game on the whiteboard, or could all open the link to have their own version of the games. There is no limit to the number of users simultaneously using a Flippity link but it is not collaborative. No one will be able to see what anyone else is doing if they are playing their own version of a game, on their own device.

Flippity Interactives work on a variety of computers, tablets, and phones – in all of the main browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.

You can’t see the results form all of your students, so it doesn’t form a test type of activity: “Certain Flippity activities (Scavenger Hunt, Spelling Words, Certificate Quiz, and Typing Test) can be configured to automatically email results to you upon completion but otherwise there is no way to remotely observe students work. The best you can do is share screens during a video conference or ask students to email screenshots of their progress.” (Flippity)

Some of the most useful templates, have a demonstration model, a template to modify and instructions:

The Flippity Random Name Picker – great for choosing groups or individuals

The Flippity Spelling Game

The Flippity Certificate Quiz

There are so many templates to adopt and adapt and you just keep a set of links to use and reuse them. It is a great resource for anyone interested in creating all of their own games type of activities.

Flippity Interactives