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Change to Website Statutory Information Requirement – Remote Education

You may be aware that the Statutory Information that you are required to publish on your website was updated on the 12th of February and you are now required to include the following on your remote education provision:

Remote education

You must publish information about your school’s remote education provision on your website. An optional template is available to support schools with this requirement.

Find out more about remote education expectations in the actions for schools during the coronavirus (COVID-19 outbreak.

We have now gone through all of our 123ICT school websites in order to add Remote Education Provision to the list of links on School / Key Information pages, where the majority of statutory information is located on our websites. We have then linked this new list item to existing website remote/home/distance learning content (pages, posts or documents).

Where we were unable to find any remote/home/distance learning content to link to on any websites, we have added ‘Remote Education Provision (Under Review)’ to the School / Key Information list and have informed the individual school’s headteacher about the new requirement by email, offering to link the item to their remote education provision, when it becomes available.

A template has been provided (see the link in the statutory requirement paragraph above) to assist in creating the required provision document. Most schools have used this format already but it may be worth checking to ensure that your Remote Education Provision has been documented in accordance with the new requirement.

If any further information is required about this matter, please contact