Springboard ChallengeSpringboard Challenge is coming here this year! It is an American maths challenge that children may enjoy being a part of and it starts on the 1st March.

SpringBoard is America’s biggest annual maths challenge that turns year-end maths practice into a fun competition that any class can participate in. Your students get to work together as a class and compete against other classes around the country. In the last year alone, over 35,000 classrooms and half a million students participated in the challenge.“(SplashLearn)

It is a ten week challenge and there will be prizes for the best preforming classes each week. At the end of the ten weeks the top three classes with the most points will win the grand prize of £8000. 

The competition seems to be being run here by a company called Splashlearn – parents can sign up for free and have full access to a massive set of maths resources all aligned to the National Curriculum. Teachers can sign up for the challenge and enrol their whole class in the Springboard Challenge, again this is free.

There is such a vast range of maths resources, apps, reports back to parent and teachers and everything is said to be free. To investigate much further needs a sign up; but, I cannot see how this resource is not paid for – there must be charges somewhere! However, parent sign ups are free and the Springboard Challenge is free so worth having a look at.

Springboard Challenge