Monster Maths Online GamesMonster Maths Online Games are on a web-based maths teaching site created by AdaptedMind. These games could be useful resources for parents during lockdown, or could be used in class with children still in school. It is a bright and colourful site, ideal for young learners.  After choosing the starting point, it then adapts what it gives the child, according to the child’s answers.

As the children start, they first need to make a monster:

Monster Maths Online Games

After that, they can begin to play. If the children get an answer wrong, the “teacher” explains the answer to them. Therefore, whilst it seems like a set of games, it does have a teaching element to help support the child.

There is a one month free trial with hundreds of maths games that can be played alone on the web. Parents will not have to pay for the month’s use but there is plenty to keep children going and after choosing a starting point the questions get harder or easier to match the child’s capability.

If a school decided to sign up, then it is easy to get the children’s scores etc within the program; but, just as a fun month-long filler, I imagine it could be really useful.

Monster Maths online games

Monster Maths Online Games could be a very useful resource, even if only used for the free month and never used again but I am sure some parents would happily pay for the service, if their child enjoys it.