Halloween literacy resourcesHalloween literacy resources can add to the fun during the last week or two of October, whilst keeping on track with the curriculum. There are some fun stories and activities that are not too frightening.

The TES has brought a collection of Spooktacular Resources together, many of these are free. These are not all literacy activities but there are plenty there to investigate.

A History of Halloween is a free seven page printable, shared on Teachers Pay Teachers, with the aim of helping students practice reading and responding to their reading in different ways, including searching for information and answering comprehension questions. This could easily be shared in case of local lockdowns, or for children unable to be in school for any reason.

The Witch Who Was Frightened Of Halloween is an online or downloadable story about a 7-year-old girl who was a witch! Fun, and the start of a whole series of Katie stories. This particular story is the only Halloween one, the rest are Katies around the year – always a witch but not the slightest bit scary.

Here is a set of eight Halloween stories and comprehension exercises for different levels. These are very short stories and exercises but several have important discussion points about courage, bravery, sharing etc. Licks from the Little brown dog, or The Hairy Toe could easily be used as story starters! The Green Ribbon is dreadful, I am sure children could write more imaginative endings!

There is a lot more than these eight stories on this website There are loads of Halloween worksheets, and  fun games like Cryptograms, jumbled words, rhymes worksheets etc.

Halloween literacy resources

Halloween literacy resources are not as plentiful as crafts, cooking, art work and more but these may add to the festival atmosphere when children can’t go trick or treating!