PHSE and Citizenship Stories are being shared as a huge set by StoryWeaver, which is five years old this month and is celebrating by sharing stories linked to the Sustainable Development Goals!

September 2020 is also the 5th anniversary of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are delighted to mark this shared milestone with a specially curated set of Book Lists, featuring storybooks that highlight concepts, values and principles related to the SDGs.
We hope that these Lists will be a useful resource for educators and we look forward to them sparking meaningful conversations about subjects like equality, peace and climate action – and inspiring the next generation of readers and learners.” (StoryWeaver)

There are fifteen lists shared to meet these goals the themes are:

Rights and Duties (Level 4) – I know my Rights and Together we are strong.

Far Away from Home (Level 3) – two stories, Home and That Night getting children to think about peace, justice and strong institutions.

Conserve our Flora, Fauna and Forests (Levels 2 and 3) – twelve stories among which are Why don’t Birds Comb Their Hair? That would make a fun art lesson! We love our home is related to food chains. All of these stories relate to life on land.

Protect the Underwater Universe for levels 2, 3 and 4 has seven stories. Wildlife in a city pond could link with a visit to a local pond. It would make a fascinating contrast to a pond in the UK. The night the Moon went missing is all about underwater light makers, a great science link.

A Pledge for the Planet is about Climate action for levels 3, 4 and 5 again and has eight stories linked to the topic.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle has one story at level 3 called What happened to the shawl?

Sustainable Living has three Stories for Level 3 readers: It covers Thinking about Food and living together in a community.

Different is Good has four stories: Girls Also Want Azadi, Rainbow Boys, Rainbow Girls and That Night. Discussing equality and reducing inequalities.

All Work is Worthy has six stories about valuing different jobs and livelihoods

Green Living has two stories about affordable and green energy.

Let’s talk about Water has four stories covering the topic of clean water and sanitation.

Water is essential for survival. But does everyone around the globe get enough water? Is this water clean and safe? In many countries, clean water and facilities for personal cleanliness are a luxury that only a few can afford. Other than disease and epidemics, this problem also poses other challenges! Did you know that lack of water and clean toilets leads to a large number of girls dropping out of school? Or that water shortage causes entire populations to leave behind their homes? With this list, encourage discussions about water-related challenges in our daily lives and ask the children to share solutions.” (StoryWeaver)

Challenging Stereotypes has 12 stories challenging gender equality.

Let’s talk about School has nine stories related to quality education.

Healthy Living has eight stories about good health and well-being, including one related to the Coronavirus!

Understanding Food Security has one story: The Seed Savers thinking about how zero hunger may be achieved!

These subjects are so relevant to life in the twenty-first century and the stories can be used as a basis for discussions on such important every-day issues. PHSE and Citizenship Stories would be ideal for class or whole school assemblies.

PHSE and Citizenship Stories