African Art Projects for Children African Art Projects for Children is a set of craft and art ideas related to the topic of Africa! There are many mask making projects but a few other lovely ones too:

One of my favourites is the Kente Cloth marker project from Crayola. This project is part of a study of Ghana. Ghanaians  make Kente cloth which they then use to make richly colourful clothing.

I really like the Ndebele Dolls project from the Our Art Lately blog spot. This project is based around the African art form of doll-making within the Ndebele tribe. Beads, feathers and coloured fabrics give a real feel of Africa!

Use paper plates to make these wonderful Maasai necklaces, paint them or colour them with felt tips to give an African effect. See the necklace project from Use Your Coloured Pencils

African lion oil pastel and paper collages– from The Colors of My Day. A wonderful effect with the paper making great lion manes around the face mask.

African Art Projects for Children

There are also several more projects based on mask making:

African Art Projects for Children will give a great display of colourful craft much appreciated and enjoyed by the children. For a few interesting facts and a short history of African art see the Ducksters website.