Life for African KidsLife for African Kids is a BBC Newsround project available on the web. It was developed in 2003 so is slightly out of date but it does give a good picture of what life in modern Africa is like. It is likely to really surprise the children learning about it. If they look at the behind the scenes section, they may well recognise some of the journalists and understand that those people have actually been there and filmed it. I think that may help the children to understand that it is real. Many times, these days, children tend to query what is real and what it fiction, or they imagine things are from history.

The project covers:

  • Living in Africa
  • Education
  • Conflict
  • Music
  • Aids
  • Natural disasters
  • Gender Divide
  • Famine
  • Sport
  • Water
  • The Internet
  • Poverty
  • Animals
  • Crime

There is an extension to the project called Africa: Across the Continent, which includes web chats with African children, profiles of African children, pictures of life in Africa, 360 panorama images and a poacher game. There is also a whole set of videos available, linked to the project content.  In addition, there is a clickable map giving interesting facts about each country.

Life for African kids is a good collection of materials to introduce Africa  to children, it has been designed specially for that age group and though factual, it is not too worrying.

Life for African Kids