Daily Writing VideosDaily Writing Videos are currently being shared by Litfilmfest as part of its home learning provision.

The videos are designed to give isolated learners a visual means of engagement in a writing activity each day. There are talks with special guests with independent challenges and there are loads of free writing projects and mini writing challenges. The mini challenges offer a template to guide children in the right direction.

There is a membership scheme for schools, it actually looks affordable, but this is focussing on the free resources for summer.

El Dorado is a 7 week series of cross curricular writing lessons using daily writing videos:

Get ready to begin a 7 week series of cross-curricular writing lessons based on the digital book, ‘El Dorado’! This is a project for your learners to really get their teeth into, culminating in a swash-buckling pirate, treasure-hunting adventure, that can be simply written and videoed at home.

Children have been enthused to write and film using this project in classrooms for years, so what better way to keep your pupils engaged with the writing process than with us at LitFilmFest Classrooms.” (LitFilmFest)

The 7 week plan is shared along with the digital version of the book and daily work sheets for the 7 weeks.

Daily Writing Videos