Recycled Art Projects for Kids is a website provided by No Time for Flashcards. Apart from fitting in with a recycling topic, it offers great ideas for children at  home during Lockdown and the summer holidays. The projects are created with many items that will be available at home.

Crafting with kids can get pricey but one way that you can keep your budget in check and be kind to the earth is to use recycled materials. These recycled art projects for kids use cereal boxes, paper towel rolls, corks, egg cartons, jar lids and more. Here are some ways you can use these recycled art materials to create and learn.”(No Time for Flashcards)

I love the egg carton ant (see top right of this post), that is one that I have not seen before.

The Jar lid stamps (see below) look very interesting for making wrapping paper, cards, etc look great, as do the tin can wind chimes!

As well as the 75 recycled art projects for kids, No time for flashcards has a range of other free resources covering the toddler to primary school age range.

It is a great pity that there are so many adverts, but I guess that is what helps fund the site as it is free.

75 recycled art projects for kids