HeadStart Primary Booklets are sets of English and Maths primary resources that are completely free for parents during Lockdown.

All parents need to do is sign up an email account and they are directed to a download page where they can download as many booklets as they want to.

Each booklet has a corresponding answer book which could be very useful for parents who are trying to homeschool. The really nice things is that the exercises will be created at appropriate levels for the different age groups and need nothing extra from parents – they are ready to print and go.

Once parents go to the download page, there are very clear instructions to help access the files. The idea is to print the booklets off so that children are not glued to the computer screen all day, by providing paper exercises that they can do. If no printer is available, the child could read the exercises off the screen and answer on paper but that is not quite so good.

I downloaded the Year 3 booklet and had a look through. There are 20 pages of maths exercises revising or practising the Year 3 maths curriculum: addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions etc.. I imagine that would be work for a couple of weeks or more, depending on how much a child wants to do in each session.

The work is attractively laid out, all in monochrome so that it does not use all of the home printer’s colour ink!

The English reading is a mixture of fact and fiction, with comprehensive questions and sequencing exercises.  There are 30 pages of English exercises, covering all aspects of the Year 3 curriculum.

HeadStart Primary Booklets are almost certainly to be a life saver to many parents who are trying to work from home as well as look after children, especially those in different year groups.