Free Access to Widget SoftwareFree Access to Widgit Software has been made available until the end of June during school closures: “With schools closed across the UK to help fight the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) we wanted to do something to help teachers, parents and carers who use symbols to support their children and young people.”(Widgit Software)

In fact, the offer seems to be only for schools and teachers, not for parents; however, there are freely downloadable resources and it could be very useful for working with very young children or pupils with SEND.

Create visual, communication and learning supports in your web browser using over 18,000 Widgit Symbols and 100’s of easy-to-use templates. No installation or updating required!

Use code PRIMARY30 to create your free class/teacher account which will allow up to 40 users access to Widgit Online and it’s ready-made materials (worth over £180) for 30 days.” (Widgit Software)

Their website offers ideas for using the symbols: For teachersCreate topic vocabulary lists, revision games and activities, probe sheets (and many more activities) and post the ‘Direct link’ created in View onto school websites for pupils to access free of charge. Create symbolised resources and visual materials ready for when school returns after the coronavirus outbreak. Take a look at the Hierarchy, Sorting and Venn Diagram templates in Activities for supporting different topics.” (Widgit Software)

For Parents: They start with the schedule (see image at the top right of this post) and also “Encourage and reward appropriate behaviour with the symbolised target and reward charts and ready made certificates. Continue and extend learning by developing vocabulary through Flashcards, Vocabulary lists and games (such as Dominoes and Bingo).” (Widgit Software)

There are many ideas for using the software on the widgetsoftware Instagram page and they have a specially designed Coronavirus set of symbols too.

I particularly like the schedule available on their Instagram page, I can imagine it being very useful for young children whilst they are in lockdown as they can see where in the day they are from the programme.

Free Access to Widgit Software