Badges for RewardBadges for reward  is an idea that has come from gaming where players earn a badge as they move up a level in a game. Fitness bracelets work on a similar basis, as probably do many other things. The idea sounds like it may possibly provide encouragement for learning at home, where there are not their usual classmates to share and show their learning.

There is an interesting blog post describing five ways to use badges in the classroom, but, we are not in the classroom at the moment so I wonder if they could be used at home?

Teachers may like to offer one for a completed piece of work done very well, an interesting story or well-crafted poem, solving maths puzzles, or lots of other things. Making sure each child achieved one badge each week could be engaging and inspire good work.

Badges are accessible to buy, but they seem generic, aimed at classroom expectations, so would not be really suitable and probably not easily accessible in the current situation; however, there is a website where one can create a badge to satisfy most needs:

Badges for reward

Having seen how it works though, it may probably be just as easy to make them in MS Word! Nevertheless, making badges for reward could be a great activity for children to do – then perhaps their badges could be used as rewards.