Keeping Healthy at home

Keeping healthy at home is not as easy as one would like it to be, especially in a smallish house with one child on their own! Groups of children tend to play and be fairly physically active where one alone may find it much more difficult to play in the same way.

The following sites are are offering help, either ideas for exercises which can be done as a family, or other tips on keeping safe and sane!

For PE and Well being in one place, explore  2Simple StriverSocial distancing will takes its toll on all of us and it’s more important than ever that we look after our mental health.
Yoga and Mindfulness are great ways to promote positive mental health and they can be done indoors without any fancy equipment.
We’re giving all schools free access to our Yoga and Mindfulness resources so you can share them with parents.
These sessions are perfect for families to do together to help everyone stay calm and relaxed through this difficult time.
We wish everybody all the best and hope that schools reopen as soon as possible so children can get back to playing and learning together!”(2Simple)

6 Easy and Simple Exercises for Kids – a set of fun exercises which can be done together as a family.

Guide to Home Workouts – this site provides some really useful information and advice regarding working out at home.

A Set of Simple Exercise Videos from YouTube

Dancing to Keep Fit

There are many dancing videos on YouTube, choose a favourite artist and do a search for that artist dances.

Keeping healthy at home is easily doable, just make room for either one 15 minute session of dance or exercise, or perhaps smaller sessions interspersed with other activities.