Crafts for the stay at home period

Craft ideas for the stay at home period offers so much more than what parents often think of as home schooling. Cooking, sewing, making, mending, etc are all valuable to children’s development and much closer to the heart of many adults than trying to teach Maths or English.

Red Ted Art offers many ideas for sewing with children – cut up last year’s summer clothes and start sewing! There are also many more ideas included on this really useful web site.

Activity Village offers its Sewing Crafts page “Sewing is a valuable life skill – but it is also a lot of fun! There was a time when all children, both girls and boys, were taught to sew, and basic sewing skills were expected. Now many kids grow up even incapable of sewing on a button.”(Activity Village)  It is true??

How we learn has gathered some woodworking ideas, I love the porcupine, bird feeder and spiders web – each so simple but so much fun! Many of the crafts here can be done from the stuff you will already have at home.  Insect homes, bird or bat boxes for the garden would be great for older children.

Dice, stamps and wind-chimes are among the ideas here for the beginners in 40 small and easy Woodworking Ideas for your children.

There are so many sites offering ideas for junk modelling, just do a quick search for any specific think that you would like to  make.

Craft ideas for the stay at home period offer a fun way of taking up part of each day in family activities that are not curricular but still providing the opportunity to learn essential skills.