Teach Teach and Learn French FREEand Learn French FREE is a website provided by ic language.com

ic language is a language learning and teaching software publisher based in South Wales in the United Kingdom. We are seeking to bring you something new, exciting and really good in the world of online language provision.” (ic language,com)

Teachers using Teach and Learn French FREE select a level first, then a topic from either the elementary or intermediate levels.

The topics include: Teach and Learn French FREE

  • Animals
  • Body
  • Colours
  • Family
  • Food
  • Go
  • Grammar
  • Home
  • Numbers
  • People
  • Place
  • School
  • Time World

Once a topic has been chosen, one selects a lesson or a game: The following picture shows Animals – pets.  Teachers choose a lesson module or a game.  The lesson has a section introducing the language followed by Write Right and the Picture Mixer.

Teach and Learn French Free

Learners can select either beginner topics where 56 topics are available each offering ten different activities, or any of the 59 intermediate topics, each with twenty activities available.  The page is split into three sections: topics, lesson and games.

There is also a French Vocabulary section, providing free lists, with linked audio, to all of the topics. This works on matching picture to word activities.

The Teach and Learn French FREE resources are easy to use resources for teaching and learning French in the classroom. They have been designed to give teachers class activities and games to use in schools in order to help the teaching of French. There are items that can be shared on the whiteboard and games and activities to do on the computer. Children could also easily do French games for homework revision of what was covered in class.