Spanish Language GamesSpanish language games that are free and suitable for both school and home use are currently shared on the Digital Dialects website.

All Spanish language learning games are free to use, do not require registration, and are suitable for kids and students of different ages. Spanish games that teachers can incorporate into classroom lessons, set as a homework exercise, or that can be used by independent learners as a self study Spanish resource. An introduction to listening, reading, comprehension and communication in the Spanish language. Spanish games employ the fun, fast and easy study method of vocabulary drills. Learn many useful words from the sentence or word lists, and then play the Spanish learning games to test your language skill levels.” (Digital Dialects)

The following Spanish games are available on the site:

  • Numbers 1 – 12
  • Phrases
  • Numbers 13 – 20
  • Colours
  • Spelling games
  • Vocabulary
  • Fruit and veg.
  • Animals
  • Vocabulary again
  • Numbers to 100
  • To be and to have
  • Numbers colours and nouns
  • Days and months
  • Food
  • Clothes
  • Verbs infinitive
  • Vocabulary Builder
  • Tell the time
  • Vocabulary builder again

As well as the main games, there are also spelling games.

Animal words spelling game: for students of the Spanish language. Simple to use and interactive Spanish game where you complete the words by choosing the missing letters. After you have completed the spelling of the word, give the gender by choosing the definite article (el or la). Learn to spell common Spanish words for pets, wild animals and farm animals that every learner of the Spanish language needs to know. The words in this spelling bee mirror those contained in the Spanish animal words game. If you are not 80% familiar with these words and their pronunciation, as well as the gender of the nouns, go to the word list (on the introduction page) for this Spanish game and listen to the native spoken audio.” (Digital Dialects)

Spanish language games are a great school, or homework, resource – they are fun, free and easily accessible. Make learning Spanish fun!

Spanish Language Games

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