Going GreenGoing Green is an almost worldwide ambition as we are beginning to see the dramatic effects from climate change.

Go Green at School for Students and Teachers offers many ideas, stating that the benefits are:

  • Going green helps protect the environment and save our planet
  • Research shows that greener school environments can improve student’s health and learning, as well as counteract some of the unhealthy environmental factors and practices often employed by schools
  • It teaches the students to be less wasteful and more responsible
  • It could save energy and even lower utility bills for schools
  • It teaches the students how important it is to take care of the earth as they are growing up; this is something they see with their own eyes.
  • Setting a good example for others (It can be your friends or your family) – They will benefit from seeing the way you act about the environment as they will act accordingly.” (Go Green at School)

The site offers a multitude of ideas, many of which may already be happening in schools around Oxfordshire; however, it is well worth the read to see if there are more things that could be either easily implemented or built into a year long program of change aimed at going green!

Going Green for Schools also links to 75 Recycled Art Projects for Kids – a great site to inspire some craft ideas.

Going Green

The Green Schools Programme is an Indian scheme to help schools work toward going greener but it has many ideas and lots of information that makes good reading for all. Sadly, the certificates etc will not be available as schools have to sign up and log in to get access. It is fascinating to look through their knowledge base; unfortunately,  three items have many similarities but they also have some differences between them that may be worth exploring!  It could perhaps be interesting to link up with an Indian school to do a collaborative project!