Climate change according to GretaClimate change, according to Greta Thunberg, is the biggest crisis facing us today and it’s forever in the news. Furthermore, it will become a really important talking point for the new government of the UK.

This National Geographic kids site:  Greta Thunberg Facts introduces Greta, who she is, what she has done and how she came to be the person she is. The site is in easy language, ready for children.

Meet the teenager whose one-person protest sparked a worldwide climate revolution! Discover more about this young eco-hero in our top ten Greta Thunberg facts” (Greta Thunberg Facts)

The TED Talk video below is 11 minutes long and is a really interesting presentation made by Greta herself, it describes clearly how she came to be the person we see today. This is easy enough for KS2 children to watch and understand.


YouTube hosts a video where Greta Thunberg asks all people especially young activists to join her on the streets in the strikes. This is very short, just over one minute.


“’Even though it is slow, the pace is picking up and the debate is shifting,’ 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg tells a rapturous audience at George Washington University. Thunberg pioneered the Fridays for Future school climate strikes in August last year by staging a solo protest outside the Swedish parliament. The movement has since grown around the world…’Activism works’, she says, before concluding: ‘See you on the street!” (The Guardian)

Climate change, according to Greta, would be a good place to start a project on global warming and climate change, there is no doubt she is inspiring thousands of people, including children from all over the world!