Free online reading booksFree Online reading books are readily available for pupils who have the use of tablets, or smartphones and it might be quite possible that these collections could make a useful addition to classroom collections. This is the second online reading book compilation post. The first can be read here

Magic Keys has a whole selection of free children’s stories split into three age groups:  Young Children, Older Children and Young Adults. The stories are written in a large font and split up with illustrations.  Absulum the Reindeer Elf is a fantastic Christmas story, I am quite positive there could be a lot of very interesting discussion and work stemming from that storybook poem!

Planet Ozkids has collections of Myths, Legends & Fables and Ace Detective Mysteries. There are teacher activities added too. Lots of stories are free but they do advertise paid for resources to support the site.

Rosetta ChildrensBooksOnline has a whole collection of children’s books in English, with French and Spanish translations which may be useful for languages teaching! (There are actually a fair number of languages available if anyone needs books in different languages for their learners.) Unlike most sites, you can download these books and print them if you wish. Therefore, if someone is teaching French, for example, and there is a useful book, several copies of it could be printed and saved for later use.

Project Gutenburg is probably the biggest collection of online books – there are fifteen “shelves” of children books available including biographies, instructional books, verse, Christmas, myths, religion, history, fiction and school stories. Most of these are in many different formats suitable for downloading onto various devices, all can be read in a browser.

Aesop’s Fables has a massive collection of stories that can be read and some can be listened to as well – there are more than 655 fables and recently 127 Fairy Tales have also been added.

Scholastic have a collection of interactive storybooks for early readers. These are read in English and in Spanish, using the words chosen by children to complete the sentences of the story.

Free Online reading books could also be used for homework and home reading, if one knows that a child has access to a device at home – maybe they could even be used for children away from school for a few days as a time filler.