For those schools on a Schools Broadband connection, a certificate published by Netsweeper needs to be installed on each device within your Schools Broadband network. This can be done on a per-machine basis however we have detailed how to deploy the necessary certificate below.

Installation Notes:

Deploying Netsweeper Certificate

Netsweeper Guides:

Appropriate filtering for schools

Appropriate monitoring for schools 

Manual download:

Netsweeper users can be download the certificate onto their devices using the following link:
Netsweeper Certificate (LINK)

iPhone / iPad users can read the following QR code with the camera and then allow a configuration file to be downloaded.

QR Code Download:

To install go into Settings/General/Profile and install the Root certificate Authority. Then go to Settings/General/About/Certificate Trust Settings and swipe it to green and accept the warning.

For Netsweeper installation support please call 01133 230 810

To unblock websites please email the URL to