Studying Jackson PollockStudying Jackson Pollock gives children an opportunity to looks at abstract impressionism.

Pollock did not want people to look at his painting as a likeness to something real, so after a while, he began to number them, not name them. He played around for a few years with drip and splatter techniques and with action painting which can be great fun, especially in a very large size!

The online Tate Kids Art Gallery gives a great introduction to Pollock and his work.

Goldfish2000 shares a presentation, through the TES, that was used with Reception children: “PowerPoint presentation showing examples of Pollock’s paintings. … Used in Reception Class to stimulate creative development. Children created own splatter painting for brilliant and easy display.” (Goldfish2000 – TES)

There is a useful presentation on Slideshare: Jackson Pollock for Kids. It incorporates his biography, along with his work. The slide show finishes with a quiz on his life.

The KidsKiddle Encyclopedia shares a set of facts about Jackson Pollock describing his “unique technique” of putting the canvas on the floor and working from all around it.

The video below shows a few useful ideas for a Jackson Pollock type of project:


ArtsyCraftsy Mom introduces ten Pollock inspired projects that she has either developed or collected for studying Jackson Pollock. “Pollock’s art is basically process art, and he used all kinds of materials to paint – brushes, sticks and syringes. And that’s the best part of process art, and also why it’s so suitable for children. So let your kids go crazy with the liquid paint while trying out these Jackson Pollock Art Projects!” (ArtsyCraftsy Mom)

  1. Jackson Pollock Art Project from No Time for Flash Cards is a great way to introduce kids to Pollock’s style of painting on the ground.
  2. Splatter Wall Art – I love the initials being blocked out – I guess you could do this in large scale with the class name.
  3. Jackson Pollock Splatter Art using a white background.
  4. Pollock-inspired Tote Bag – pencil case, book bag or PE bag would work too!
  5. Action Jackson
  6. Jackson Pollock Weaving – splatter paper with plain paper weaving.
  7. Pollock Art Bento Lunch – not sure this would work in school!
  8. Pollock inspired Cookie Art – this may with coloured icing tubes.
  9. Action Painted Umbrella Art “why not try some splatter painting on an umbrella? It’s got a nice big surface area and are amply available in plain colors – perfect for some splatter paint!”
  10. Pollock inspired Pop Art Easter Egg – hard boiled eggs would work – or not in the list of ideas here – a balloon – my idea!


Studying Jackson Pollock