Studying KandinskyStudying Kandinsky gives pupils an opportunity to play with abstract art ideas. There is a lot of scope for work on colours, mixing and blending and using shapes.

Free mini scheme from PlanBEE covering the work on Wassily Kandinsky. It shares a fully prepared lesson pack with slides and a range of resources.

Lardypaws shares a free PowerPoint presentation through the TES which is ideal for an introduction to a Kandinsky project. It shows a few of his most famous paintings and asks questions about them.

Ducksters shares a Wassily Kadinsky biography for children. It is interesting and explains the significance of shapes in his art work. This site does not detail the significance of music in his art work.

Art Edu 4 kids leads children step by step through an abstract art project based on one of Kandinsky’s paintings.  It starts with mixing primary colours and works up to a full art work. There are examples of what children have created to inspire!

ArtyCraftyKids presents a wonderful Spooky Tree based on Kandinsky’s concentric circles on square picture. This one would be great towards Halloween.

Art Projects for Kids has a great set of ideas for use when studying Kandinsky, see:

  • Mini diamond painting
  • Mini Circle painting
  • Kandinsky tree collage
  • Circle painting
  • Kandinsky circle painting
  • Kandinsky plate project
  • Kandinsky on canvas panels
  • Kandinsky circles with oil pastels
  • Maple leaf drawing


Studying Kandinsky