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Exploring the Great Artists – 30+ Art Projects for Kids, by Red Ted Art, is a site Exploring the Great Artistsdeveloped, not by an art enthusiast or an educator but a mum wanting to introduce her children to great art and artists. This lady creates a newsletter of ideas every two weeks! There are some wonderful ideas and most of the following projects link to a place on her site where the process is explained in detail, or to another person’s site. I am not adding all of the links, please visit the 30+ Art projects page to get them.

Exploring artists, doesn’t always mean, that the children “should” copy the style or painting, but for example could also mean making a puzzle out a print or acting out a story. The main thing is to enjoy the art and be inspired!” (Red Ted Art)

The artists roundup:

  • Matisse’s Snail – Scrap Paper Master Piece by No Time for Flashcards
  • Andy Warhol’s Headlines – by Child Art Retrospective
  • Jackson Pollock for children by Sunny Day Today Mama
  • Klimt – potato and cork printing
  • David Hockney, Photo Montage
  • Banksy, Street Art – Stencils and Spray Paint
  • Mondrian – primary colours and paper strips by Thomas Elementary Art
  • Van Gogh – Study and Printable book by Deceptively Educational
  • Klimt – an art lesson by Mr Julies Art School
  • Art activities for children
  • Pop Art PRINTS – Andy Warhol Styrofoam printing by The Seeds Network
  • Pop Art – Portraits – Andy Warhol Photograph block colouring by The Seeds Network (find Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg ideas too)
  • Picasso – A round up of child create art in the style of Great Artists by Teach Preschool
  • Ted Harrison – By That Artist Woman
  • Klimt – Lesson Plan 4-6 yrs olds by Kinder Art
  • Jackson Pollock – large scale collaborative fun
  • Picasso – Faces – Art Lessons for Kids
  • Turner – Sea Monsters by Red Ted Art (& Tate Britain)
  • Alma Woodsey, by We Heart Art
  • Kandinsky – Marker art by No Time for Flashcards (find lots more inspiration more from No Time For Flashcards here)
  • Van Gogh (& Others) – tracing outlines by Practical Pages
  • Helen Frankenthaler – by Dilly Daly Art
  • Faith Ringgold – Tar Beach series by Pink and Green Mama
  • Alexander Calder- Mobile by Deceptively Educational
  • (More) Kandinsky – this time Water Colours by Artsy Craftsy Mom
  • Modern artists for children
  • Kuitca – a Sense of Place collages by Child Art Retrospective
  • Monet – Tissue paper collage by Here Come the Girls
  • Mondrian – Lego Mondrian over at Walker Zanger Blog
  • Georgia O’keeffe – Flowers by Pink and Green Mama (also find some Henri Rousseau)
  • Giotto – mix your own tempura paint by Mama Scouts
  • Monet – a collaborative art project by Explore Education
  • Aelita Andre – Prodigy of Color – by Angelique Felix
  • Mondrian – Cardboard Box Mural – by Art Play Explore
  • Kandinski – Felt squares by Art Projects for Kids
  • Escher, LOTS of wonderful ideas
  • Dali, again lots of ideas
  • Alexander Calder, sculpture by MaryAnn Kohl
  • Van Gogh, oil pastels by Patch of Puddles

There are so many famous artists and famous works here to explore that it should be a very useful site for all primary school teachers.