A Fairytale Writing CompetitionA Fairytale Writing Competition is being launched by Pearson Education – see quote below taken from an email sent from TeachIt:

We will soon be launching a nationwide competition to recreate famous fairy tales, fables and regional folk stories of old with a modern day twist and we want your school to take part!

Students from Key Stage 1 through to Key Stage 4 are eligible to participate, with winning story creations to be announced from all over the UK. Designed to reflect every child’s unique experience and background, we want applicants to rewrite their favourite stories with a personal twist! Whether it be writing themselves as a character, using a local or familiar location or twisting the tale to relay their interest and hobbies, the opportunities are endless!

Children have complete freedom to put their stamp on the classics however they want to. Stories can be written by individuals, groups, classes or whole schools with the winning entries published online and in print!  We are also providing a range of prizes for the winning stories’ school!  Register now for the latest updates and information about how to enter.

The Fairytale writing competition does sound like a great fun project for the new term. Get children to think of the tale in modern times, add a twist, mix-up characters from different fairy tales – there are lots of ways they could rewrite their chosen tale. There are many children’s books with twisted fairy tales that may already be in the classroom for inspiration.

There are also shared lesson plans and schemes of work that have been shared, see the first one, freely shared on the TES site: Fractured Fairy Tales.

Read Write Think shares: Once upon a link: A PowerPoint Adventure with Fractured Fairy Tales.

The following videos may also inspire fairytales with a twist see: